As part of technology validation under operational conditions,
we offer innovative mechanical cleaning services for structures and large-scale buildings.

Cleaning if wind turbine towers

Wind turbine gearbox failures are the most common cause of wind turbine tower fouling. Such failures often involve unsightly leaks of gear oil or heated grease streaking onto the tower or blades.

As part of our services, we offer manual and mechanical surface cleaning of wind turbine towers both manually and using an innovative robotic platform of our own design.

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Cleaning of building facades

Our team has many years of experience in washing the facades of the tallest buildings in Europe. We successfully implement innovations in high-performance washing of buildings. We have equipment facilities that allow high-pressure washing with demineralized water, machine washing of large areas of facades and a qualified team of industrial climbers.

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Inspection and cleaning of industrial chimneys and cooling towers

We offer manual and mechanical cleaning services for chimneys and cooling towers. The proprietary surface curvature detection technology allowed us to achieve the functionality of automatic washing of convex surfaces of chimneys and other such structures. The working width of the robotic platform at the level of 3000mm equipped with an extendable washing module that adjusts to the curvature of the surface makes the washing of large chimney surfaces much more efficient and safe.
The technology also allows any inspection measurements to be made thanks to the ability to install additional measurement devices and a vision system on the platform.

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