About us

Cartesian Climbing Robot is one of the few companies in the world to introduce robotization in the height work industry. Increasing construction and the limited availability of skilled workers ready to perform dangerous work at height are driving this industry direction. That’s why Cartesian Climbing Robot, an unmanned, robotic platform for performing surface maintenance work at height, was created.

We are a team of engineers and scientists united by the idea of automating high-altitude work. As part of a research and development project, we have developed a platform capable of washing irregular surfaces whose working arm moves in 2 degrees of freedom over a working width of 3000mm. The platform has such functionalities as:

  • washing with a 3m wide roller brush,
  • washing of cavities with a depth of 300mm in simultaneous rinsing of dirt,
  • Chemical cleaning with dosing of surfactants in high concentrations,
  • high-pressure washing

The platform requires only an anchor point at the top of the building because it can climb a rope thanks to being equipped with an integrated winch. Specialized measurement systems based on proprietary algorithms constantly monitor the platform’s position relative to the building and react to small deviations thanks to high-powered propeller drives.

The platform also has the functionality of moving stably around wind turbine towers, which opens up the possibility of increasing the productivity of maintenance work in this industry as well. A specialized magnetic module controlled by motors and algorithms that monitor the position of the platform relative to the tower are responsible for this functionality.

CCR technology allows for easy transfer of equipment to the service site because the platform moves on a dedicated electric transport cart of our manufacture.

As part of the validation of our technology under operational conditions, we offer innovative surface cleaning services at height.

We look forward to working with you CCR Team

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